Adventure challenge company Rat Race has arrived down under and they’re looking for Explorers to test run their adventures. Are you up for the challenge? 


Originally from the UK, Rat Race (not the ridiculous 2001 movie) has spread its way across the globe, creating unreal adventures across all seven continents. It’s finally found its way down under and is in the midst of curating unreal adventure challenges across both Australia and New Zealand. 

The official challenges will be happening in 2023, but before they send a coupla hundred people out into the wild, they’ve gotta make sure the routes they’re designing are actually, y’know, navigable. 

So the Rat Race team are on the hunt for some keen as Explorers who want to tie their name to a world first, test their physical abilities, and have the adventure of a bloody lifetime. 

Each challenge sees Explorers cover hundreds of kilometres in an iconic location around Aus or NZ, using a combination of different modes of adventure travel. The routes differ a little in number of days, difficulty, and remoteness of location but all cover truly breathtaking environments. Literally.

Each test pilot run will be tackled in an expeditionary team, with top-notch gear, guides, safety crew, and route planning. 

Being a guinea pig and trialling the route before the official challenge not only means you’ll hold a world-first for an adventure never done before, you’ll also save several hundred dollars, as the test runs are typically cheaper! Can’t complain about that!

The Routes

Tassie Coast to Coast – Across the island state

Test pilot date: 14 – 20 March 2022

235km – On-road biking
70km – Trekking
20km – Rafting 


The Reef – Whitsunday Islands

Test pilot date: 23 – 27 August 2022

100km – Kayaking
10km – Trail running / trekking
2km – Stand up paddleboarding


Tip to Town – Tip of the North Island to Auckland

Test pilot date: 21 – 26 February 2022

60km – Trekking / On and off-road running
420km – Road and off-road biking
20km – Kayaking


The Corker – Coast to coast South Island

Test pilot date: 4 – 8 April 2022

300km – Road and off-road biking
20km – Kayaking
20km – Trekking / On and off-road running


Sound like your idea of fun? Get in touch with the Rat Race Australia General Manager for the full run down!

Keen on the adventure but want someone else to test out the route first? Registration for the official events is open now too!


Photos thanks to Rat Race