A species of pygmy possum has survived the destruction of the bushfires on Kangaroo Island. And it’s the damnedest cute survival story you’ve ever seen.


Kangaroo Island took an absolute beating during the Black Summer bushfires. Half the island was decimated and there were fears for the abundance of wildlife that call the island home. 

But just this week, conservationists from Kangaroo Island Land For Wildlife made a teeny, tiny discovery – a Little pygmy possum was found! Would ya just look at this little guy?!



One of five species of pygmy possum found in Australia, the Little pygmy possum (yes this is its real name), is rarely seen on Kangaroo Island, bushfire or not, and mostly resides in Tasmania. So to have found one of these babes, which usually weigh in at a scale-busting 7g, is a Christmas miracle. 

This particular pygmy possum was discovered last week when Kangaroo Island Land For Wildlife was conducting one of their regular forest surveys to determine what species remain and how they’ve survived.

We’re bloody glad this bebe is still around.


On the left – Western pygmy possum. On the right – Little pygmy possum


Photos thanks to Kangaroo Island Land For Wildlife