Aussie nature experience company Unyoked is giving you the chance to send your local politician on a little getaway – and no, not as a reward for all their hard work protecting the planet. Quite the opposite in fact. 


Do you know a politician who needs to spend a bit more time outdoors, feet in the dirt, eyes to the skies, wind in their hair? 

Maybe they’ve been starved of fresh air and sunshine after months holed up in Parliament House and keep making bad choices and policies for the planet. 

Perhaps they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be surrounded by nothing but trees, to dip in a cool stream, to gaze up at the twinkling stars. Maybe that’s why they keep greenlighting fossil fuel projects and refusing to take serious climate action. 

What better remedy than a weekend out of the city, off-grid, in an Unyoked cabin, engulfed by nature?

‘The wilderness is great for unlocking new creative ways of tackling old problems’, says Unyoked’s Creative Lead, Jonno Seidler. ‘We reckon if there’s anyone that needs to do that when it comes to climate, it’s the people trying to run our country.’

Prescribe Your Politician

If you think your local MP or another candidate in your electorate needs to do more in the fight for climate action, nominate them for one large dose of nature!

Head to Unyoked’s website or social media and let the team know which politician you think could do with a nature prescription. 

The pollies with the most nominations will be personally invited by the Unyoked team to experience the benefits of nature for themselves after the election. Here’s hoping a few days of the good stuff will make them think twice about opening another mine!

Who are you going to nominate?




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