Can you feel it coming? The Aussie summer, late as usual, is making itself known in time for Chrissy. The doonas are coming off, the thongs are coming out and the eskies pre-chilled.


Try to go for a run or a climb though and your weak winter body will splutter and fail, unable to cope with a vanishing sweat-to-humidity gradient and soaring temperatures.

With holidays and road trips lining up for the summer you’ve gotta get acclimatised. Fast. Here’s how to prepare for a hot Aussie summer:

1. Start Having Hot Baths

Known by many as ‘The Darwin Technique’ this method is pretty simple. Run a scorching hot bath, chuck a laptop on a stool for some Netflix and soak until it’s not hot anymore. With conditions similar to the Northern capital on a year-round basis you’ll be preparing for the worst coastal Australia has to offer.

Safety Tip: Bring a water bottle full of cold water in with you – you’re gonna sweat like it’s a Snoop Dog video.

2. Suss Out a Broad Brim

Caps are kind of useless and don’t even get me started on bucket hats. In the scorching Aussie sun you want 360 degrees of protection. Treat your face and neck right and get a hat with a brim like a Queenslander.

Basically any brand makes a broad brim of some sort so grab a summer look and own it. Festival Fedora? Akubra? Straw hat with a beer brand on it? The possibilities are endless. We can’t go past the Cancer Council for affordable basics and kinda-bad product photography.


3. Line up Some Wild Swimming

It’s a 40° scorcher and you’re scrolling through your phone looking for a place to cool off. Hell, you haven’t even packed your swimmers/cossie/bathers. Don’t be that guy. Keep a fresh pair and a towel in your car at all times, line up your wild swim spots (we know a site) and be ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Hike It Out: Popular swim spots often get trashed by knobs who can’t clean up after themselves. Bring a rubbish bag and add some cheeky community service to your day out.


4. Build up Your Pain Tolerance

Your car’s been baking in the sun for the entire afternoon before you rush toward it, fling open the door and throw yourself into the driver’s’ seat. Kssssss The smell of burning flesh fills the car; you’ve copped a seatbelt brand.

These burns are inevitable as you pull into a hot Aussie summer so build up your pain tolerance in preparation. Stub your toe on purpose, grab hot toast fresh out of the toaster and walk barefoot across a gravel car park – you can do this.

5. Know How to Stay Hydrated

If you’re still planning on hiking, rafting, bikepacking or any other outdoor activity in the stifling summer heat, firstly, good on ya, but secondly, know how to purify water in the bush.

When the ground’s half the temperature of boiling water you might find that even the reliable water sources have buggered off to play in the atmosphere. Take way more than you need, keep a water jerry in the car on road trips and sip the good stuff often – you’ll thank us later.

6. Hit The Freezer

Commercial iceblocks suck. They’re too sugary, wrapped in plastic and cost money. Ugh. Do yourself a favour and make your own! These ‘drinking popsicle moulds’ or ‘ice block makers’ as I like to call them are your ticket to custom frozen goodness. The little inbuilt straw things are a marvel of engineering that ensure you don’t miss a drop.

You can experiment with juice and iced tea or risk it all on the Margarita option. First one to try beer wins a prize. Got a ripper recipe? We’d love to hear it.

While you’re at the freezer, why not grab a normal tray and get stuck into an ice cube massage. They’re strangely satisfying.


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Feature photo by Jade Stephens