The NSW Government is considering opening up two coal mining leases in the state’s Central West and you have the chance to tell them what you think about it. 


In news that might’ve slipped you by (which is totally valid, it’s been a big week/year/life), the NSW Government is wondering whether opening up two coal mining leases near Mudgee and Rylstone, right on the edge of Wollemi National Park, is a good idea or not. Hmmmmm, I wonder….

What’s at risk?

The areas that are up for potential lease, Rumker and Hawkins, sit north of Rylstone, with the eastern side of the Rumker area bordering more than 100km of the World Heritage-listed Wollemi National Park, with no buffer in between. 



After how close we came to losing the endangered and prehistoric Wollemi Pines in the 2019/20 bushfires, why would we risk their habitat with a mine in such close proximity?

According to a study commissioned by anti-mining lobby group Lock The Gate, and undertaken by EarthScapes Consulting, the Rumker and Hawkins areas are home to;

  • around 45 Aboriginal heritage sites
  • 28 threatened species, including koalas, spotted-tailed quolls, and regent honeyeaters
  • 7,000 hectares of ecological communities under potential threat

Add on the fact that the proposed zones take in gravel roads that form part of the Blue Mountains 1000 biking trail, which is currently under construction, and the reasons against these mining leases are stacking up quickly. And that’s without going into the greater global damage caused by new mines (and the NSW Government’s own net-zero goal, lol wot).

What can we do?

The process is currently undergoing a ‘Preliminary Regional Issues Assessment’ which pretty much means the government is checking to see if there’s a valid business case for digging up the ground in search of fossil fuels. 

And as part of that assessment process, there’s the opportunity for the public to have their say on it all. This is where you come in. 

The proposal is open for comment until Wednesday August 18th 2021 – that’s only six more days. Make a submission now

Not sure what to say? The Rylstone Region Coal Free Community group have whipped together an epic document that outlines HEAPS of points to include in your submission.

Your voice can make a difference, but only if you use it!


Feature photo thanks to Patrick Tangye