YouTuber Scotty’s Gone Walkabout creates immersive long form adventure content that will whisk you away into the Aussie bush.


In this week’s episode, Tim chats with Scotty about the rules, regulations, and wonders of wild camping. Scotty scourers topographic maps and tackles off track adventures to find spectacular spots in the outdoors, or sometimes dense scrub and hairy cliff lines. But he always finds what he’s looking for.

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Scotty’s videos are slow-paced, offering his audience a chance to decompress in a virtual landscape complete with the sounds of nature, sitting by a modest fire, and taking in the stillness of a wild camp. 

There’s a lot that goes into making content like this – from meticulous destination planning to recording and editing (up to 30 hours per episode!) – but it’s a labour of love that Scotty isn’t likely to give up anytime soon. 

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Wild Camping with Respect - Scotty's Gone Walkabout – We Are Explorers Podcast Ep 9, Scott Williams by a river with swag

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Photos thanks to Scotty Williams