Paul Watkins ran a 600km Arctic Ultra Marathon not once, not twice, but three times.  


In this week’s episode, Henry chats with Paul to find out what it is that keeps calling him back to the frozen tundra to undertake this gruelling adventure. Dubbed the ‘toughest, coldest, windiest’ race on earth, the 6633 Arctic Ultra is a non-stop, self supported event that takes over a week to complete in conditions that plummet to below -40°C. 

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Paul is just a regular guy, a self proclaimed nerdy Dad. His message to everyone is pretty inspiring, even if near death experiences at the ends of the earth aren’t your thing, Paul wants to make sure you add some adventure into your life whatever it may look like for you. 


‘Adventure is something way out of the bounds of your normal existence. Give yourself the right to go write that chapter of your story. People get locked into the whole “Oh I’d love to do that but I’m just a Mum or a Dad or a plumber”. That’s part of your story, but it’s just a chapter, it’s not the whole book.’

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You can keep up to date with what wild adventures Paul is up to next on his website and his Instagram @the.rogue.scholar. Paul also wrote a book about his journey called Lost & Found, it’s a great winter read while you’re tucked in by a raging fire.

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Photos thanks to Paul Watkins