Miriam Lancewood set out to live in the wilderness for one year with her husband… then seven years went by. 


In this week’s episode, Amy chats with Miriam to find out what she’s currently doing over in Bulgaria, how she adapted to a nomadic life in the wilds of New Zealand, and what she missed (if anything!) from the modern world she left behind. 

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Miriam Lancewood is living the life many of us dream of but could never imagine actually living. She quit her career shortly after it started, gave up modern luxuries and possessions and went to live a nomadic life in the New Zealand wilderness.

Now an acclaimed author, she shares her unconventional and spectacular life to inspire others to do the same. 


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Miriam may be a woman of the wild but these days she has a YouTube profile where she shares her free-spirited wisdom.

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Photos thanks to Miriam Lancewood