Milly is a zoologist, pilot, artist, and adventurer extraordinaire on a mission to protect migratory shorebirds. 


Is it a coincidence that Amellia Formby shares a name with one of the world’s most prominent figures in aviation history, Amelia Earhart? I think not!

Milly flew around the circumference of Australia over 59 flight legs in an open cockpit microlight aircraft that flys at roughly the same speed as a migratory shorebird. 

Travelling 20,000km in 180 days, she visited schools and libraries along the way to educate young people on the issues affecting shorebirds and wetlands and to ‘give them the tools to feel empowered to do something about it’. 

Milly’s story is inspiring not only in the realm of climate and conservation, but also in taking the leap to pivot careers and pursue your adventure dreams. 



In This Episode We Cover 

  • The Wing Threads adventure
  • Flying the microlight aircraft
  • Migratory shorebirds 
  • What’s going on with wetlands?
  • How can we help?
  • Milly’s favourite places that she flew over
  • Flight logistics 
  • Empowering young people
  • Her background in the arts
  • Milly’s favourite shorebird 

Listen Now! 


Milly Flew an Incredibly Small Plane Around Aus in the Name of Conservation – We Are Explorers Podcast Ep 19 - Flying over Albany in microlight

Flying over Albany in the microlight aka ‘Little Bird’

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While the adventure may be over, the fight for the shorebirds continues.

One way you can help is by counting and reporting bird populations so the data can be used to ensure better protections for their habitats, you can find more information on Bird Life Australia. You can also help to preserve wetlands yourself by volunteering. Conservation Volunteers Australia often have wetland regeneration events around the country.

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Photos thanks to Milly Formby/@wingthreads