Nat is a physiotherapist and running specialist who doesn’t just talk the talk, or walk the walk for that matter, she runs!


With an impressive resume including working as a physiotherapist at the Olympics, running the 3000km Te Araroa Trail and competing in gruelling adventure races herself, Nat has a tonne of experience to help her clients get strong and achieve their PBs. 

If you’re a runner, chances are you’ve injured yourself at some point. Whether you rolled an ankle on a loose stone or got an RSI (repetitive strain injury), it seems when we take the pretty basic human skill of running to the next level we open ourselves up to a world of pain and often are left puzzled on where we went wrong. 


In This Episode We Cover 

  • Running the 3000km Te Araroa trail 
  • Preparation for an adventure 
  • What to focus on when running
  • Exercises to prevent injury
  • Shoes 
  • Dealing emotionally with an injury 
  • The Godzone Adventure race

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If you’re in need of advice that’s tailored to you Nat runs online consultations. Just like any other physio appointment you’ll be assessed, diagnosed, and coached through exercises to help you meet your goals.

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Photos thanks to @trailrun_physio