From the peaks of Patagonia to the frozen flats of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Lucy is attempting to be the first woman to walk the length of the world, and she’s already halfway.


There is something particularly extraordinary that stands out about Lucy. It’s not that she’s the first woman to walk the length of South America or that she averages 40km a day of walking through difficult terrain and bewildering border crossings. It’s that she seems just like you and me, just an ordinary Aussie.

What was it that I was expecting? Perhaps a heart-wrenching backstory or the gift of super human strength? Maybe a history of doing outlandish adventurous activities or being raised in a hut by a family of sherpas? Why though? Was it the realisation that if Lucy was just like you and me, then what was stopping us from being out there doing something amazing too?

This episode will have you questioning the limits you put on yourself and looking up adoption websites for Australian Cattle dogs.


Say G’day to Wombat 

Lucy isn’t quite undertaking this adventure alone. After completing the first leg of her journey in Patagonia she adopted an Australian Cattle dog puppy to join her and we can confirm he is indeed a good boy. 

Three years into the hike the pandemic descended on the world and Lucy had to return home, leaving Wombat behind with a carer. Little did they know that over two years would pass before they were reunited. Like the rest of us, Wombat managed to put on a few extra Covid kilos, so was put on an exercise regime to get back in shape before they recommenced their world record attempt in December last year. 

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Lucy Barnard is Walking the Length of the World with her Dog – We Are Explorers Podcast Ep 11 - Wombat the dog

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Photos thanks to Lucy Barnard and Danyal Taylor