Sarah Pendergrass is like a Swiss army knife with her hand in illustration, podcasting, writing, and of course all kinds of adventure pursuits. 


Sarah’s story with We Are Explorers began with a bike ride and an unexpected onion. Curious? The ‘Sandstone Wilderness 600′ tells all. 

This week’s podcast episode doesn’t explain the onion, but it does dive into Sarah’s creative passion projects that enable her to share her experience of adventure in unique and engaging ways. From her incredibly creative gear review illustrations to a 700km run across Scotland that’s been six years in the making, there’s a driving force at the centre of all Sarah does – passion and purpose. 



Light to Light

A dream that originated six years ago, the Light to Light (no not the one on the NSW South Coast) is a 700km route that spans the length of the Scottish mainland, then hops across ten islands, three ferry crossings, and six causeways from the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse in the south to the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse in the north. 

Departing in just a few weeks, Sarah will be fundraising for Free to Run, an incredible NGO with a mission to enable women and girls to safely and boldly engage in outdoor activity in conflict-affected regions like Iraq and Afghanistan. Support Sarah on her mission by donating to her campaign and follow along for the ride on Instagram @allthegearnaeidea.


This Explorer Draws The Gear She Reviews – We Are Explorers Podcast Ep 10 - Sarah Pendergrass Light to Light map

Sarah’s self-mapped route for her Light to Light trail run


Gear Reviews Done Differently

You might have seen these delightful illustrations floating around the internet. These quirky reviews are full of colour and detail that you just don’t get in the traditional review format. These designs need to be seen to be fully appreciated, so head over to Sarah’s illustration page @allthegear.illustrated for the full portfolio. 


Listen Now! 

This Explorer Draws The Gear She Reviews – We Are Explorers Podcast Ep 10 - Illustration of a bike by Sarah Pendergrass - Cropped

Possibly the best packing list in existence | @allthegear.illustrated

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You can follow Sarah’s adventures on Instagram @allthegearnaeidea and check out her unique gear and outdoor illustrations at @allthegear.illustrated. If you’re a fan of the We Are Explorers podcast (well who are we kidding, we know you are!), then you’ll absolutely love Into The Wee Hours Podcast where Sarah and co-host Kristen Vautin share the stories of everyday adventurers.

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Photos and illustrations thanks to Sarah Pendergrass