Caro Ryan from lotsafreshair has hooked us with an enticing premise for an outdoors-based podcast.


Rescued: An Outdoor Podcast for Hikers and Adventurers, chronicles the experiences of people in the outdoors when things don’t go as planned. From both sides of the story, we get an in-depth understanding of what it means to be rescued, what it means to be the rescuer, and how the impacts are felt years down the track.

Caro Ryan, an experienced and expert hiker, Search Commander with the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Bush Search and Rescue, and a Deputy Unit Commander responsible for the Blue Mountains region, gives her guests a judgment free place to share their experiences of when things go wrong outside.



We hear from the brave people who go out into the outdoors when conditions are adverse and dangerous, all in the name of saving someone’s life, and we hear from passionate outdoorspeople who found themselves in sticky situations when they least expected it.

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What Exactly Do They Talk About?

Episode one is the fascinating story of Matt U’Brien, a former member of the Blue Mountains Police Squad. During his 17 year career he rescued hundreds of people and saved countless lives.

A love of the outdoors is what drew him to rescue. Starting out as a general duties police officer, Matt’s weekends were often filled with adventure: Canyoning, hiking, and climbing. When he discovered he could go canyoning and work at the same time – he was hooked.

Matt talks Caro through what it’s like to be with someone on their worst day and how repeatedly witnessing such trauma can have ongoing impacts on your mental health. It’s a candid conversation that encompasses a love of the outdoors, what it means to be safe in nature, and what happens when things go wrong.

A podcast full of passion, wisdom and intoxicating stories, this one is well worth the listen! Find it wherever you get your podcasts.


Feature image thanks to @bencirulis