Our first instalment of We Are Explorers playlists for 2022 has seen us tap into the brains of some of our favourite Explorers to see what tunes play inside their heads while out in the wild.


First up, Scotty Williams – artist, photographer, and full-blown solo adventurer – Scotty’s certainly been around the traps! 

He’s crafted a playlist titled ‘I Burnt My Dinner. The Beer’s Warm. But How’s The Serenity?!’ and it’s full of cruisey hits, some Aussie, some international, to play just as you get to camp and tuck into your well-deserved evening meal (even if it is on the crispy side). 

From the slow-burn of RUFUS’ ‘Innerbloom’ to the mellow country stylings of Colter Wall who’ll sing you right to sleep, this playlist has a bit of everything. 

Tuck in and don’t forget to follow us on Spotify while you’re there.