It’s official! Western Sydney’s first beach is now open for the summer. Known by locals as ‘Pondi’, it’s already a massive success.


For years residents of Western Sydney have had to travel over 40km to find a beach. Now a former quarry site next to the Nepean River has been turned into a little stretch of waterside paradise, just in time for summer and school holidays.

‘Our local communities have been waiting years for this incredible swim spot to be opened to the public, and I know locals are delighted to see this day finally come’, said Deputy Premier and Minister for Western Sydney Prue Car.

The patrolled section of Penrith Beach, which is the designated swimming area, extends around 130 metres in length and 80 metres out into the water.

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Paul Scully wants visitors to remember however that this is a trial period for the new beach. ‘We’re asking people to be patient particularly while we fine-tune the experience in its first few weeks’, he said.

The beach is open seven days a week from 7am to 7pm, with security patrolling the area outside of these hours. At this stage, the beach will remain open until the 3rd of March 2024, but it won’t be open on Christmas Day – so best not to relocate Christmas lunch!

Where is Penrith Beach?

Penrith Beach or Pondi is located in an old quarry site north of Penrith, on Castlereagh Road. But don’t worry, visitors will be given directions when they book their parking pass.

How much does it cost to visit?

Penrith Beach is free to visit, but you must have a valid parking pass. There are 700 car park spaces and passes become available every three days on the Penrith Beach booking website.

There’s also a free shuttle bus that runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am-4pm from Penrith Station for which visitors will need to pre-book a seat in a designated time slot.

What facilities are at Penrith Beach?

Penrith Beach is fully wheelchair accessible with a pathway that runs to the beach’s edge, a beach wheelchair and access mat available for use, and accessible bathrooms and designated parking.

There are also toilets, change rooms, a freshwater station, and a patrol of lifeguards. The quality of the water is also regularly monitored for safety.

Local café Wholegreen Bakery provides cool drinks, coffee, and light food items for your refreshment too.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your floaties and beach shelter, and don’t forget the sunscreen as you’re going to want to stay for the day.


Image thanks to NSW Government