Fire to flood. Safety to danger. Closed to open.

It’s been tricky keeping track of where to adventure recently and where to totally avoid altogether. With all this sporadic weather, we’ve even had trouble keeping on top of it ourselves. 

But now that all fires in NSW have been successfully contained (YAY), the dams have filled and the flooding rains have eased, more and more of our favourite places are open for exploring again. 

Here are some recent reopenings you could visit this weekend!


Blue Mountains National Park

Katoomba, Leura and Wentworth Falls lookouts and clifftop walking tracks (where not impacted by other closures) P.S. The waterfalls will be on the PUMP!

Keen on a climb and abseil? Narrowneck, Malatia Point and Wall (exiting east) are open again. Narrowneck unburnt areas only.

Get onya bike and head to Narrow Neck cycle route and fire trail (no walking tracks or descents open)

Check out the full list of openings and closures for this park.

Kosciuszko National Park

All areas south of Mount Jagungal and east of the following roads/trails are open: Khancoban – Cabramurra Road, Alpine Way and Cascade trail. This includes all backcountry areas which haven’t been impacted by fire. Overnight camping is permitted here too!

These include:

  • Kosciuszko Road – Jindabyne to Charlotte Pass
  • Guthega Road – Kosciuszko Road to Guthega Village
  • Schlink Pass trail and the huts along the way; Horse Camp Hut, White River Hut, Schlink Hut, Valentine Hut
  • You can pitch a tent at either Ngarigo, Thredbo Diggings and Island Bend campgrounds
  • Alpine Way between Jindabyne and Thredbo Village is open too

Check out the full list of openings and closures for this park.

Rachel dimond, hiking, kosciuszko

Photo by Rachel Dimond

Budderoo National Park
  • Nellies Glen had no running waterfall for months. It was closed last weekend because of flooding. It’s open again now.
  • Missingham Lookouts

Check out the full list of openings and closures for this park. 

Morton National Park
  • Belmore Falls
  • Fitzroy Falls plus the east and west rim walking track

Check out the full list of openings and closures for this park. 

Murramurang National Park

Fancy a beachside camp? Depot and Pretty Beaches have their campground and cabins open. Although most of Murramarang remains closed.

Depot Beach


Alpine National Park

The majority of the park is closed, but there are a few spots you can go to get your mountain fix.

Areas around Mount Feathertop

  • Mount Feathertop itself (tickle, tickle)
  • Razorback Ridge
  • Bon Accord Spur, Bungalow Spur and North-West Spur
  • Diamantina Horse Yards
  • Dibbins Hut
  • The Alpine Walking Trail between Mount Hotham and Pole 33


Areas around Mansfield, including;

  • 16 Mile Jeep Track
  • Bindaree Hut, Pikes Flat, Upper Howqua and 7 and 8 Mile Campsites
  • High Track from Gardner’s Hut through to 16 Mile Jeep Track
  • Eagles Peaks
  • Both 4 and 8 Mile Spur
  • Low Track from Tunnel to Ritchie’s Hut

Plus heaps more! Check out the full list of openings and closures.

Mount Buffalo National Park

Most of this park is open, yipee! Access to the park is only through Cathedral Saddle car park, but you can still go to most of the tracks north of this.

Feature photo by Rachel Dimond