‘Outsiders’ is a new three part series by the BBC that unpacks the lack of diversity in the outdoors, in particular when it comes to people of colour.


Each episode follows a trailblazing leader who’s created a niche community of people through a joint passion and interest for a specific adventure activity in the outdoors. 

The first film has just been released and follows Amira, a veiled Muslim woman from Bolton, England who began The Wanderlust Women, a hiking group to inspire Muslim women to get outdoors.



Amira started the group during lockdown and it’s already grown to over 4000 members! She says the group’s given these women a safe space to do something they may have always wanted to do, but never knew how to take the first step. 

The film explores how Amira and her friends manage what to wear on the trail, how to make their daily prayers during a hike, and how it feels to conquer your first mountain hike. 

Although filmed in the UK, the issues raised around the lack of diversity in the outdoors are felt here in Australia too.

Nature is for everyone and anyone, not just those who’ve been raised on the trails, and getting started late is better than never getting out there at all. There’s a long way to go when it comes to representation and diversity of explorers in Australia. 

We Are Explorers wants to be a part of the change. If you’re a person of colour who loves to get outside and have a story to share, hit us up! We’d love to hear from you!