To wrap up 2021, we’re bringing you our staff-selected top 12 articles from the past 12 months.


Even as the world’s crumbled around us one thing you can always rely on is hot content pumping out of the We Are Explorers channels.

The We Are Explorers crew have sifted (very carefully) through our article storage facility and elected the 12 articles we deem the cream of the crop, the top of the pops, the hottest to trot, of 2021. 

Let’s get stuck in. 


1. These Legends are on a Mission to Clean Up Australia’s Outback

Boe and Kimberely of Outback Clean Ups are certified legends. They’re driving their troopy around the most remote areas of the country, to bend down and pick up rubbish. 

They’re doing God’s work and are stoked on it. 

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2. 26,000 Reasons to Have Ambulance Cover

No, this isn’t the longest list article ever written. But it is a damn important lesson to learn, especially when there’s any level of risk involved on an adventure.

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26,000 Reasons To Have Ambulance Cover, hilary mccalister, Helicopter, landing, snow, emergency, injury,

Photo by Hilary McCalister

3. It’s Not My Mountain to Climb – Sacred Aboriginal Sites to Avoid

Jordan’s provided us with an ongoing list of the mountains the local Aboriginal people of the area ask not be climbed and excellent nearby alternatives.

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4. Straight Up the Guts of Australia From Sydney to Darwin

Might seem a bit bias, but I swear I didn’t submit this suggestion. Although I can confirm, driving from Sydney to Darwin with my two best friends was one of the best holidays ever. 

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5. Your Guide to the Waterholes & Gorges of Karijini National Park

Casey’s recently been road tripping across the country and Karijini was far and away one of the top places he visited. There’s a different waterhole to swim in and gorge to explore, every day of the week. 

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6. Lake Rhona is a Beach Escape in the Tassie Wilderness

A sandy beach to camp on high in the mountains of Tassie’s Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Yes this place is real, and really, really beautiful.

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7. Helinox vs Aldi – Which Lightweight Camping Chair Comes out on Top?

Same look.
Same purpose.
Different price tag. 

Which comes out on top?

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8. The 10 Most Over The Top Tech Names From Outdoor Brands

H2No®, [Opti•Vibe], Contagrip®. 

Yes these are the names. Plus many more. It’s all pretty outrageous. 

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9. Is This the One Camp Coffee Filter to Rule Them All?

This coffee filter has been a bit of a revelation even for the WAE team, who see new gear every other day. Tim recently mentioned he’s even been using it most days at home. That’s saying something. 

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How To

10. How To Have Sex in the Bush

This is a topic that was on the minds of the WAE team for yeaaaaars before we finally got around to asking Ruby to write it. Don’t wait another second to read it. It might just inspire your next adventure. 

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11. How To Make This Succulent Pad Thai

Without a doubt the most popular recipe we shared this year. Everyone loves pad thai, but it tastes all the better out in the wild. Get into ya! 

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12. How and Why You Should Explore at Night

Kel’s obsessed with exploring in the dark (once the sun’s got outta the way and doesn’t threaten to burn his pale skin). And he’s realised there’s a whole lot going on out there when the people have all gone inside. 

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Feature photo by @fungshuay