Entries were dripping in chain oil and windswept with pacific salt. We could even hear the carabiner clinks from some of them.

We’ve been utterly bowled over by the applications for our Osprey Adventure Grant. Highlines. Tandems. Splitboards. Packrafts. World firsts even! Whilst some were adventures for the pure joy of adventure, others carried a deep sense of purpose and place. Some offered celebrations of survival.

It’s literally taken weeks to shortlist the shortlisted shortlists amongst the team, however we reached a decision and we are pleased to announce the following winners:

#1 Jessica Innes-Irons // Riding The Corrugated Roads

A bikepacking journey between four Aboriginal communities in Arnhemland (NT). Covering vast outback landscapes, bushland and river crossings, Jessica and Adam will be riding 280km between the homelands as a messenger service to demonstrate how difficult and important communication resources are in remote locations.

#2 Joel Johnsson // Junkyard Racing

Channelling Huck Finn, Joel and his friends will build a raft to float downriver on a multi-day water adventure. The vessel will contain 4 hammocks, a small BBQ for cooking, jacuzzi section and a central turret (because, pirates). Think a treehouse on water. This is an adventure that’ll be sure to stoke and resurrect the child-like imagination in all of us.

#3 Scott Runacres // Turning Hell Into Heaven

Starting in the Australian Alps, Scott and his crew will hike 26km, traversing and summiting their way up Mt Magdala and Mt Howitt. Once there they’ll rig up a 20m highline and will be attempting to walk it whilst dressed in 100% mandatory op-shopped costumes. Gnarly, wild and adorned in tight fancy dress costumes; our favourite kind of adventures.

A HUGE thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to apply for the grant and congratulations to the three winners! Thank you also to Osprey for their kind support and we look forward to following along all of these adventures over the coming months.

Submissions for the 2018 Osprey Adventure Grant are now open!