What happens when you combine a capsized boat, the lead singer of Ocean Alley, a remote tropical island, and a YouTube influencer? An epic story of survival, all captured on film.


Earlier this year, a bunch of mates were on a fishing trip on a remote island around 100km off the North Queensland coast, when one morning, they woke up to find the boat they’d arrived on had capsized just offshore. 



Although not in immediate danger, the crew’s mobile and satellite phones failed them, putting them all into survival mode. 

Two of the guys just happened to be Ocean Alley frontman Baden Donegal and YouTube fishing star Briggsy, who filmed the whole damn ordeal and last week chucked it up on his YouTube channel for the world to watch. 



I’m not lying when I tell ya this video hooked me faster than any movie I’ve seen lately. 

Spoiler alert – they were rescued and are all sweet now – but the hour long documentary tells their epic five day story of survival as they rationed their supplies, attempted to salvage the boat, and tried to make contact with the mainland to be rescued.



With a few tips and tricks on how to stay safe in a survival situation, a familiar face or two, and some epic tropical island scenery, this is one clip you’ve gotta add to your next YouTube binge session.