In some of the biggest and best news so far this year, the NSW Rural Fire Service has announced that there are currently no active bush or grass fires burning in NSW! Hallelujah!

Last night the NSW RFS declared that for the first time since early July 2019, over 240 days ago, NSW is free of actively burning bush fires. You bloody ripper!

The crazy and unprecedented bushfire season the state faced, ravaged more than five million hectares, caused the loss of over 2000 homes, the death of 25 people and the displacement of thousands across NSW. 

And as if this news couldn’t get any better, the Bureau of Meteorology has released the predicted rainfall map for the coming week, where up to 100mm of rain is expected to fall across most of NSW, including the drought-stricken west. 

Photo provided by NSW RFS

The land is already starting to regenerate and many areas that were burnt out a month ago, are now fluorescent green with regrowth.

We’re unendingly grateful to the tireless and courageous efforts of thousands of firefighters and emergency service workers, who ensured the safety of thousands of people and properties across NSW and Australia this extended bushfire season. Thank you. 

Feature photo by Chris Firth