A new species of cocoa-coloured frog has been discovered by an Aussie scientist, and would you just look at the little fella!


Although the froggo was first found in 2016 by frog specialist, Steve Richards, it’s only just been officially confirmed as a new species. 

Thriving in the swampy lowland rainforests of New Guinea, this new species of frog, Litoria mira, is most closely related to the Australian green tree frog, reaffirming the ancient links between Australia and New Guinea. 

‘While New Guinea is not a place most Australians know well; many animal groups are shared. So understanding biodiversity in New Guinea helps us to understand the history and origins of Australia’s unique fauna’, said Richards.

Despite being so closely linked to the Australian green tree frog, and Australia and New Guinea once being attached, Richards believes there’s very little chance the chocolate frog resides in Australia too, as the lowland swamp rainforest that the frog was discovered in doesn’t exist here. 

No word yet if this frog comes with a witch or wizard collectors card.


Feature photo by Steve Richards