Got some free time this weekend? Lace up your walking shoes and check out the new Altona Pier in Melbourne!


After eight months of closed construction, the brand new Altona Pier is finally open, located just 13km south-west of Melbourne’s CBD! The new structure opened for public access right before Christmas, with the official inauguration of the pier on the 22nd of January.


A popular place on a sunny day! | Photo by Parks Victoria

What’s new?

Stretching a decent 310m, the pier has been redesigned into a y-shaped structure, providing space for runners and walkers to enjoy while accommodating safer access for boating and fishing.

Altona Pier has always been one of the top spots for fishing in Melbourne, and the new construction has only increased the space available for a flick!

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Aerial view of the new pier! | Photo by Simpson Construction

Something old?

The pier reached the end of its life after some harsh storms back in 2020 and 2021. The original pier was made of timber and built in the late 1800s, making it a significant part of the bayside suburb’s history. The old timber has been incorporated into the new pier and used for seating, ensuring the new pier pays tribute to the legacy of its heritage.


Old Altona Pier | Photo by Parks Victoria


Altona Beach is a popular place in summer thanks to its fishing and boating access, as well as for swimming, beach volleyball, and now, walks on the new pier.


Feature image thanks to Simpson Construction

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