NASA is usually pretty busy launching rockets into space and discovering new planets. But this week, they launched something a little bit different into the air, or should we say airwaves. 


Curious Universe is the latest podcast from NASA; it explores the wonders and mysteries of our world, as well as galaxies far, far away. 

Each week NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers will take listeners (aka cosmic Explorers) on a new adventure. Whether it be deep into the Amazon Rainforest or the uncharted realms of the universe, this podcast is for all. No previous space experience needed. You’ll pick it up as you go! 

Your tour guide to the universe is Padi Boyd. When she’s not on the hunt for new planets with NASA, she’s geeking out about black holes or singing nerdy songs about the cosmos for her educational music program ‘AstroCappella’. 

The first episode – Only On Earth – premieres next Monday April 13, and uncovers how NASA keeps a keen eye on our little home planet. 

Here’s a little taste test to prepare you for your first space mission.

New episodes will be ready for take-off every Monday. So grab your best spacesuit, tune in and get out of this world.

Curious Universe is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Soundcloud.