Multiple Saltwater crocodile sightings near Rockhampton over the weekend have prompted Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to remind residents and tourists that the Capricorn Coast is still considered croc country – and they’re beginning to move around.


Over the weekend, six crocodile sightings were reported between Zilzie and Kinka Beach.

‘We believe the reports relate to the same animal, and a member of the public was able to measure one of the imprints it left on the sand at the northern end of Tanby Beach on Sunday morning at approximately 2.4m long,’ said Senior Wildlife Officer Joshua Morris.

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These reports take the total of crocodile and croc slide sightings around Rockhampton within the last month to 15, as well as an additional sighting last month further south at Baffle Creek, near Agnes Waters.

‘Wildlife officers have investigated each report, and people should be aware that as the weather warms up, there will likely be an increase in crocodile activity as male crocodiles will be on the move to find a mate or find new territory,’ said Mr Morris.

Rangers believe this is the same croc seen and reported about on the bank of Water Park Creek, near Byfield National Park, which upon investigation, was also spotted by wildlife officers.



‘Upon seeing us, the crocodile did not display any dangerous behaviour. It slid into the water and did not reappear,’ said Mr Morris. ‘The crocodile would’ve been taking a rest before returning to the water and we believe it is moving between river or creek systems.’

Residents and tourists are being urged to make Crocwise choices and to report any further sightings to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Never smile at a crocodile kids!

What are crocwise choices?

Living in or visiting croc country during the wet season? Make sure you’re being crocwise by following these precautions:

  • Expect crocodiles in Central Queensland waterways even if there’s no warning sign
  • Stand back from the water’s edge when in crocodile habitat, or keep an object between yourself and the water at all times
  • Never leave food, fish scraps or bait near the water, at campsites or boat ramps
  • Don’t provoke, harass or feed crocodiles, regardless of size
  • Report crocodile sightings through the QWildlife mobile app (Apple) (Android) or by calling 1300 130 372
  • Be aware that crocodiles can be found in both the ocean and freshwater habitats
  • Be extra cautious at dawn, dusk, and night
  • Avoid using canoes and kayaks in croc country – the smaller the vessel the greater the risk
  • Stay well away from crocodile traps
  • Camp at least 50 metres from the edge of the water
  • Always supervise children near the water and keep pets on a lead
  • Obey all warning signs



Photos supplied by Queensland Department of Environment and Science