In three national parks across NSW there are now all-terrain mobility chairs available to rent, free of charge, so people with differing abilities are able to get out and amongst nature! 


The mobility chairs are now available for hire at Royal National Park, Kosciuszko National Park, and Morton National Park through each of the park’s visitors centres. The chairs are free to rent, however bookings are encouraged and anyone using the chair will need to bring their own guides. 

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How do the mobility chairs work?

There are two types of mobility chairs available – the TrailRider and Hippocampe. 

The TrailRider mobility chair is able to be used on a bunch of walking trails that are not traditionally wheelchair friendly and requires two guides to help lead it. 

The chair has two sets of handles, one at the front, another at the back, which allows guides to maneuver the chair along unstable paths and up and down stairs. 

The Hippocampe mobility chair can be self-propelled or pushed and pulled along by someone else. It’s lightweight and three-wheeled and can be taken along a bunch of different trails and even the beach!

What a stellar way to make the outdoors more accessible! We can’t wait for these to be available at national parks across the state and country.


Photos thanks to NPWS