Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions are being lifted, with the 25km radius rule to be dropped on November 8th!


Yo MELBOURNE! Today’s a bloody good day. 

Firstly, there’ve been no new cases of COVID recorded in the state. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not a single extra person has been diagnosed with that ruddy virus.

And jumping off the back of that, like a 10 year old springing off the diving board at the local pool, old mate Andrews announced that from 11.59pm Tuesday eve, Melbourne residents are allowed to leave the house, for whatever reason they want. 

Restaurants and retail restrictions will be eased, with plenty more businesses allowed to reopen.

But possibly the most exciting news, from November 8, the 25km radius rule will be scrapped. 

That’s right, in two weeks time, everyone in Melbourne will be able to travel outside of their neighbourhoods, outside of the city, into the countryside, down to the coast! Wherever the bloody hell you want.


You’ve more than earned it. 

There’s no shortage of adventures waiting out there for ya. Get thinking, get planning and get stuck in!

Explore Victoria!


Feature photo thanks to @patcorden