There’s gonna be a super moon lunar eclipse tomorrow night! Here’s when you can see it around Australia. 


There’s been a few super moons already this year, but none quite as superb as this. 

This super moon will occur at the same time as a total lunar eclipse, the first in Australia since 2018.

The lunar eclipse will happen gradually over a few hours, with ‘totality’ the point when the Earth is completely shadowing the moon, occurring for around 15 minutes and turning the moon red.

It’s all set to take place early on in the night, before most people’s bed times, so there’s no excuse not to get outside and check it out! 

Here’s when you should be turning your head to the sky in each state…


Eclipse begins: 5:45pm
Totality between: 7:11pm – 7:26pm
Eclipse ends: 8:52pm 

NT / SA 

Eclipse begins: 7:15pm
Totality between: 8:41pm – 8:56pm
Eclipse ends: 10:22pm 


Eclipse begins: 7:45pm
Totality between: 9:11pm – 9:26pm
Eclipse ends: 10:52pm

Get your mates on the blower, pull out the camp chair, grab your favourite camp snack and settle into watch one of Mother Nature’s greatest performances.


Feature photo by @gatigato