How good are Mums? We sometimes forget how selfless and unconditional their love is. And we often forget that they’re their own person too. That before we came along, they had a whole encompassing life, full of adventure.

So, does that all come to an end when they become mothers? 

That’s the question Kimi Werner tries to answer in the Patagonia film ‘Lessons from Jeju’. 

Kimi’s a professional freediver. She’s expecting a baby. And she’s worried that the two just won’t mix. 

She travels to South Korea to meet Jeju’s haenyeo – a group of women who’ve been freediving and fishing for centuries. They were the first group of working mothers in South Korea – and breaking plenty of cultural norms in the process. 

By the sounds of it, Kimi’s realisations about motherhood are pretty profound.


‘The world doesn’t seem to embrace how badass motherhood is.’ – Kimi Werner.


The film just premiered this morning! Check it out below.

P.S Happy Mother’s Day from us to all the badass Mums out there



Feature photo thanks to Patagonia