Forget frequent flyers, Kathmandu wants to reward you for all your outdoor escapades. The all-new Out There Rewards blends the best of a traditional reward program with newly imagined bonuses for outdoor activities.


In Kathmandu’s own words, ‘Think bigger and better pinch-me benefits, rewards, vouchers, and earn more points than you can imagine’.

How the Program Works

So, how does this adventure-filled rewards program work? Simply put, for every dollar you spend in-store or online, you’ll earn one point.

You can also boost points by spending time with the old gal, Mother Nature. Whether it’s hiking, trail running or simply soaking in the serenade of a bird song, one outdoor activity gets you a whopping ten points.

The catch. There’s a limit on the ‘Out There activity points’ you can gain, with Level 1 Explorers able to log three activities per calendar quarter, while Level 2 and 3 Explorers can log six.

The more points you earn, the further you progress through the levels. Here’s the breakdown!

Member – 0 – 249 points
Level 1 – 250 – 499 points
Level 2 – 500 – 1199 points
Level 3 – 1200+ points


The Perks

Let’s talk benefits. Kathmandu is all about treating yo’ self on your special day by gifting you a birthday voucher each year, plus delivering exclusive offers right to your inbox. Even better, forget aimlessly throwing excess gear in your cart for that elusive free shipping, Kathmandu Reward Members also get free shipping 24/7!

But wait, there’s more…

When you reach 1200 points, you’ll be granted Level 3 perks which include a generous $50 birthday voucher, $60 reward voucher, and bonus gifts.

Whether you’re a seasoned Explorer or are just dipping your toes into wild spaces, Kathmandu’s Out There Rewards program can help fuel your adventures. All that’s left to do is sign up and get out there!


Feature photo by Kathmandu