We Are Explorers is on a mission to take over all of your senses. We’ve conquered your eyeballs, now we’re making our way into your ears – enter the We Are Explorers Podcast. 


The We Are Explorers Podcast takes a deep dive into Australia and New Zealand’s outdoor scene and the people who make it such an awesome field to work in (sometimes literally). 

The adventure world is made up of kooky creatives, passionate pioneers, thinkers, makers and a whole lot of doers. It spans every direction across the continent and into the nooks and crannies no one else dares go. Everyone here’s got a yarn worth spinning and we want these tales to be heard by as many Explorers as humanly possible. 

So every Wednesday we’ll be dropping our latest convo with one of these epic humans. 

Episode 1: Justin Jones

Inside the Wild Mind of a Professional Adventurer

The first episode features Explorer Justin Jones aka Jonesy, who holds Guinness World Records for being the first person to ski from Antarctica’s coast to the South Pole and back completely unassisted and the first to kayak across the ditch from Aus to New Zealand. Wowzers. 

As for the host? You know you’re in safe hands with We Are Explorers Founder, Henry Brydon  – the man could talk with a mouth full of gobstoppers while hanging upside down from a banksia bush. 

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