Jeep is giving one lucky Aussie a truly unique work from home experience at a remote office in north west Tassie that’s only accessible by 4WD


Over the last year, millions of Aussies were forced to combine their office life and home life into the same space as people started working from home. It turned out to be a blessing for some, a nightmare for others. 

But what about working FAR from home? Nah not the office, some place far from all the noise and distractions, nestled in the tranquility of nature with space for ideas to flourish and come to life. A whole new level of social distancing. 

Jeep wants to chuck one Aussie (and their mate) in a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon 2020, send them down a 4WD road in north west Tasmania and let them luxe out at a private home office in the serene and untouched Aussie wilderness. And as if you wouldn’t want to, take a look at this place.


‘We wanted to create a place that people would only dream of working. Somewhere that would facilitate productivity, unlock new ways of thinking and give people a fresh new perspective on the world we’re living in,’ said Jeep Managing Director Tom Noble.

This work from home office was specially designed by Spacecube and still has all the necessities of a home office, including full WiFi connectivity, climate control, solar powered electricity and plumbing, despite being miles from anywhere. 

To enter the comp, just tell Jeep in 50 words or less what you could achieve in a week working FAR from home. 

Best of luck to you! I’d say you’ll need it: the whole We Are Explorers team has already entered.