A new song has dropped from renowned Australian artist Jack River (AKA Holly Rankin), in collaboration with the Australian Conservation Foundation, called Nature’s Cry.


The song utilises groundbreaking international research that captures never-heard-before sounds of nature under threat.

Scientists have discovered that plants emit ultrasonic sounds whilst in distress, and these unique recordings have been used in the song, along with a backdrop of sounds of Aussie native animals, to highlight the imminent risk Australia’s biodiversity faces due to insufficient nature laws.

Listen now!



Jack River is an outspoken environmentalist and has released songs that speak to Australia’s climate crisis in the past. River says on this new release, ‘Music and advocacy go hand in hand for me. I wanted to create a song that speaks to the fact that Australian forests, wildlife, and bushland are in crisis, and our nature laws are failing to protect them’.

The song comes out on the back of last week’s ‘Extinction Wrapped 2024’ report from the ACF, which found that 2200 Australian plants, animals, and ecosystems are at risk of becoming extinct. Jack River and ACF are calling on the Albanese government to urgently make strong new nature laws to better protect Australia’s incredible biodiversity. They are utilising the power of music to spread the word about the plight of Australia’s biodiversity, and urge others to take action.

ACF Nature Campaigner Peta Bulling lays it out, ‘Australia is one of just 17 megadiverse nations on earth…with mega diversity comes mega responsibility, and the laws meant to protect nature are failing’. The current nature laws, the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBCA) are under review by the federal government. 

By partnering with outspoken environmentalist Jack River, the ACF ‘wants to let people know that nature is in trouble and it needs us now’.

Help Jack River and ACF’s campaign for strong nature laws by signing the petition.


Feature image courtesy of Chris Ord

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