Ready to get back out there?


The last few months have shaken up how the world works. For an Explorer like yourself, that might’ve meant cancelled flights, weekends away on the backburner, even staying distant from your local.

It hurt. We’re as much a part of nature as a crashing wave or flocking birds at dawn; but we kept our fellow humans safe by staying home and filming our shenanigans instead.

Australia and New Zealand have done a pretty bang-up job of keeping COVID-19 at bay, so slowly but surely, everything’s starting to open up.

But we’re going to be exploring our own backyard for a while yet. By visiting places close to home we’ll be supporting local communities and helping them get back on their feet.

Here’s how We Are Explorers can help you Explore Your Backyard.


Plan Now!


Custom Pages for Every State & Territory


Explorer Your Backyard Landing Pages Screenshot

We’ve made a custom page for every state and territory in Australia and our crew over in New Zealand too! We’ve chucked in a map of all the adventures in your state, our favourite feature articles, top hikes and day trips, even ripper adventure tours and lists of the best things to do in and around some capital cities.

Head over to the Explore Your Backyard page to plan your adventure!


The Best Adventure Tours


Adventure Tours Screenshot Explore Your Backyard


We’ve teamed up with local experts from around Aus to shout about the epic trips on offer. Sometimes you just need extra skills, knowledge and gear to really suck the juice out of a place, and this is the crew to help you do it! We reckon you’ll be amazed at the experiences you can have in your own backyard.

Head to the Adventure Tours Hub to find tours near you (or wherever you’re heading next!).


Kickstarting our Community Facebook Groups

The We Are Explorers Aus & NZ Facebook Group is a thriving hub of community discussion. Explorers discuss up-to-date info, find buddies to explore with, share stories from their latest adventures and inspire articles on the website.

Now we’re kicking off Facebook groups for every state in Aus, as well as NZ, to help you keep the conversation even more relevant to exploring your own backyard. You can join as many as you like! Check them out and get posting.


State-Based Community Groups


New South Wales (including ACT)



Northern Territory

South Australia


Western Australia

New Zealand


Plan Now!


We want to share this epic time with all of you! Tag #ExploreYourBackyard in your posts and spread the message far and wide – let’s get Aus and NZ back on their feet!

If you’ve always wanted to contribute to We Are Explorers, head to the Explorer Project for more info. We’d love to have you.