A message from our Social Media Manager about the incident late last week.


Dear Explorers,

Late last week we encountered a breach of our cybersecurity walls. A breach that resulted in the successful hacking of the We Are Explorers Instagram account. 

After a thorough investigation and a sleepless night, I‘d gathered enough information to understand that the hackers were Turkish and that the motive behind the hack was quite possibly to share and release a new hip hop EP on SoundCloud.

They even demanded a $400 ransom to get our account back. The audacity. Don’t they know about the hit our economy has taken due to the coronavirus pandemic? Do you know how much pasta and poo tickets I could hoard with that much money?




Though it seemed that a few of our followers were enjoying our new approach to social media, we were very fortunate to be put in touch with a friend of a friend in Singapore who was able to help us recover our account. 

However, with reviews like:


‘I was enjoying the new direction We Are Explorers had taken… Turkey is now top of my list to explore.’


and the fact that the single post created by our hackers got a whopping 952 likes, I began to wonder if maybe outsourcing my work to Turkey wasn’t the worst idea.




All of this brings us to the pointy end of this letter – a shameless plug for our Instagram account. It’s come to my attention that some of you may have unknowingly unfollowed our account due to a few days of rogue content. If you happen to fall into this category we’d love to see you back in our lives.

Hit that follow button and get outdoor content flowing through your feed once again. 

Cheers for your patience and thanks a bunch for your support. 

We back baby. 


P.S There’s no need to feel bad for bailing – the partner of one of our Editors even hit unfollow. We welcome you all back with open arms.