This mysterious blue pool, tucked away on kunanyi/Mount Wellington on the outskirts of Hobart, is known for playing reappearing tricks after heavy rainfall. 


Astonishingly clear and frighteningly cold, the Disappearing Tarn has recently reappeared on the mountainside of Hobart’s highest peak, after flooding rains drenched the area. 

Lots of locals are making their way up the mountain to see this rare gem for themselves. Surrounded by gorgeous gum forest, the Disappearing Tarn often appears on the bucket list of many locals. 


Photo by David Sinclair thanks to The Guardian


The tarn is formed when a dip in the rocks fills up with water after consistent rainfall. According to Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Matthew Thomas, the tarn usually starts playing tricks again after around 60mm of rain has fallen over the course of a few days. 

This stunning mountain lake is truly an Explorer’s dream! Would you dare to take a dip in the wintry waters of Hobart’s Disappearing Tarn?


Feature photo by Dr Jemina Stuart-Smith thanks to The Guardian