Renowned outdoor gear brand Kathmandu and global female adventure platform Her Trails have partnered up to help women feel the transformative nature of the outdoors.


Kathmandu, one of Australia and New Zealand’s most beloved outdoor brands, has announced its long-term, global partnership with Her Trails, with combined aims to utilise the outdoors and the impact of nature to improve the wellbeing of women across the globe.



‘We know women experience barriers to getting active in the outdoors. Research tells us that,’ says Kathmandu’s General Manager of Marketing and Customer, Richard Dalke.

‘With a purpose to improve the wellbeing of the world through the outdoors, it is imperative for Kathmandu to align with a partner that gives women a platform to experience the transformative power of nature, while feeling safe and part of something special. Her Trails is that partner,’ he said.

What is Her Trails?

Founded by female adventurer Samantha Gash, and endurance athlete Bec Taylor, Her Trails has over 4,000 members across Australia and New Zealand. It supports females in pursuing outdoor adventure and self-discovery through trail running programs, immersive retreats, and community group runs.


Education is at the core of Her Trails and coach, trail athlete, and yoga teacher, Jo Nevin, joins Gash at the helm. Designed with all levels of outdoor experience in mind, a team of contributing experts offer support throughout the Her Trails program, including psychology, physical therapy, nutrition, meditation, athletics, strength and conditioning, philanthropy, and postnatal exercise. Her Trails ensures it’s giving its female members the best outdoor experience possible.

‘Her Trails is not just about the exploration of the world outside, but also about delving
deep into one’s inner self,’ said Her Trails Founder, Samantha Gash.

‘We’ve created a space where women, from all walks of life, come together, embrace their vulnerabilities, and transform these into strengths. Every step on the trail is a step towards self-discovery and empowerment. We invite women to set foot on new terrains, both in nature and within themselves, with audacity and passion,’ she said.

Over time, Gash and the Her Trails team will integrate more broadly into the Kathmandu business where they’ll inform Kathmandu’s active product development. This is to support Kathmandu’s commitment to developing highly technical and sustainable gear that women across Australia and New Zealand can feel confident wearing for style and functionality.