Straya’s favourite power couple Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake are now ~official~ ambassadors for Tourism Australia, although I’m sure they’ve been a drawcard for the country for years. 


Last night on the ‘gram Hamish announced the pair’s latest venture and the reinvention of the ‘Holiday Here This Year’ campaign, with no shortage of his classic Aussie larrikin flair.

‘Whoever came up with this place deserves a real pat on the back. I mean, think about it. There are birds who can laugh, mammals who can sing and 126 different shops who reckon they all sell the ‘World’s Best Pie’.’

I feel a bakery-inspired road trip coming on.

Hamish put plenty of emphasis on supporting the locals ‘who run the caravan parks, tours, lodges, hotels, hikes, weird-water-powered-hover-board things, shops, bakeries’ and on making ‘Gold Level family mems’.

Anyone else imagining Sonny and Rudy decked out in full canyoning gear? 

There’s also a hella cute and funny clip of the Hamish and Zoe comparing holiday ideas across the country, from the outback to the Goldy.



These clips are all but appetiser in a degustation of a campaign, set to roll out over the next year or so and we’re bloody keen to see what’s next on the menu. 

If anyone can double-handedly convince Aussie’s the best place to explore is their own backyard, I reckon it could just be these two.  


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