The Federal Government really REALLY wants you to take a holiday. In fact, they’re spending $1.2 billion to give Aussies half priced flights to 13 regional areas around the country in an effort to support the tourism industry. Yes thanks, I’ll take a holiday to help out the economy.


The 13 locations chosen on the ‘initial list’ (that means more to come, woohoo!), are usually major hot spots for international tourists, so have lost their steady stream of visitors. And they need our holidaying help!

Discounted flights will be available for booking from April 1 until the end of July for travel between May and September. There’ll be up to 46,000 half-price tickets available EVERY WEEK, with an overall cap of 800,000 discounted flights. 

The discounts will be available across multiple airlines, including QANTAS, Jetstar, and Virgin, so long as the airline has flown that route in the last two years. 

All flights paths included in the package are interstate (with the exception of Adelaide to Kangaroo Island), meaning it’s time to break out of your state-COVID bubble and get yourself to a new corner of Aus. 

Reckon you could lend the tourism industry a hand? For a discounted airfare, choose from; 


Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast

  • Sydney – Maroochydore
  • Melbourne – Maroochydore
  • Adelaide – Maroochydore

Tropical North Queensland

  • Melbourne – Cairns
  • Sydney – Cairns
  • Darwin – Cairns

Whitsundays and Mackay region

  • Sydney – Proserpine
  • Sydney – Hamilton Island


Northern Territory

Alice Springs

  • Adelaide – Alice Springs
  • Brisbane – Alice Springs
  • Melbourne – Alice Springs
  • Perth – Alice Springs
  • Sydney – Alice Springs


  • Sydney – Uluru
  • Brisbane – Uluru
  • Melbourne – Uluru




  • Melbourne – Launceston
  • Sydney – Launceston
  • Brisbane – Launceston


  • Melbourne – Devonport


  • Melbourne – Burnie


Western Australia


  • Darwin – Broome
  • Sydney – Broome
  • Melbourne – Broome




  • Gold Coast – Avalon
  • Sydney – Avalon


New South Wales


  • Melbourne – Merimbula


South Australia

Kangaroo Island

  • Adelaide – Kingscote


Do you really need another reason to take a domestic holiday this year?