August 24 is Global Climbing Day and climbing legends, The North Face, are throwing one heck of a party. For the third year running, TNF are celebrating the sport by dishing out free climbing, prizes and good vibes across Australia and New Zealand. And all because Walls Are Meant For Climbing.

There’s something pretty wonderful about the Aussie climbing community – if you’ve ever stepped foot inside an indoor climbing gym, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Climbing and bouldering can be an individual pursuit, just you against the wall, but in reality, it’s a whole lot more communal than that.

If you haven’t tried indoor climbing or bouldering yet, Global Climbing Day couldn’t have come at a better time. The North Face has partnered with more than 30 gyms across Australia and New Zealand, and they’re offering free climbing opportunities to help tempt first-timers to give it a try.

‘At The North Face, we see walls as a place to unite our communities through the sport of climbing. In 2017, we launched the Walls Are Meant For Climbing campaign to grow and diversify the sport of climbing and to urge people to think more hopefully about the community we can build by working together in trust and partnership.’


Head this way to find your closest participating gym and sign yourself up for good times, good climbs and celebrate Global Climbing Day with The North Face.

In addition to these kick-ass events, TNF is supporting the climbing scene by donating $1 for every climber that takes part in Global Climbing Day. The money’s going into a fund that will go towards Cliff Care, Crag Care, and the New Zealand Alpine Club so that these organisations can continue to work on key projects across Australia and New Zealand.


Feature photo by Tim Kemple

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