Want to taste them all? Here’s your chance! 11 Gippsland breweries have partnered with the Tinamba Hotel to hold a Beer Festival on Sunday, November 26.


Beer Fest is being held at the Tinamba Hotel in Central Gippsland, two and a half hours east of Melbourne, from 11-4 on the 26th of November.

Tickets cost $35 and include entry to the venue, live music, access to food trucks, and a souvenir Gippsland Beer Fest schooner to use throughout the event, and take home.

Stay safe and enjoy everything the festival has to offer by opting for a $50 ticket that grants you entry plus a bus service pick-up and drop-off from Sale, Traralgon, Bairnsdale, Coongulla, or Lake Glenmaggie.


Gippsland Is Having a Beer Festival & Launching a New Beer Trail, Jess Nehme, Beer Fest, brewery, Graphic by Gippsland Beer


Limited-release ciders and brews are being prepared specifically for the festival, and there are some pretty rad food vendors lined up too. Think BBQ, smoked meat, dumplings, and pizza.


Which breweries will be there?


Wait, what about the Gippsland Beer Trail?

On the day of the festival (hopefully the first of many!), Gippsland Beer is launching a new Gippsland Beer Trail, which is the first trail to include every brewery in Gippsland. Rally your mates, prepare to expand your stubby holder collection, and get moving. It’s road trip time!



Buy your ticket to Gippsland Beer Fest before the 12th of November and you’ll go in the running to win a weekend trip along the Gippsland Beer Trail with the Gippsland Beer team in 2024!

Event organisers are also donating $3 from every ticket sold to local community organisations: the Tinamba Community Hall, Tinamba CFA Fire Brigade, and the Heyfield Lions Club Inc.

You know what this means, right? Attending the Gippsland Beer Fest is for the community.


Photos thanks to Gippsland Beer