With the Outrak Packaway Rain Jacket to test and an eager doggo pawing at the door, a bit of rain wasn’t giving Morgan Cardiff any excuses.

You know how it works, the sun shines all week, only for Friday afternoon to roll around and in rolls the storm clouds. As the key hits the door, the hound is staring up at you, eager and waiting. They don’t care that you’re up to Episode 6 of Stranger Things, there’s walking to be done. Luckily the team at Rays sent me the Outrak Packaway Rain Jacket to put through its paces. We thought we would let Jess the lab lead the way…

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“Alright alright we’ll go for a walk!”


Rain jackets are not usually known for their fashion sense, you can’t blame them, they exist for one reason and that reason is to keep the rain drops off your head. But for the fashion conscious weekend warriors there have been some improvements of late.

This one is actually pretty good, its slim-cut enough to look good while still allowing you to put a warmer layer underneath if you need to.  It comes in a decent range of colours, the blue is vivid and bright so it will stand out even on a rainy day.  It is however mono-color, so could have been spiced up a bit.

While I can’t see it winning any fashion awards, I felt pretty good wearing it.


My pet hate when jumping into a rain jacket is placing the hood over my head only for it to fall halfway down my nose. When I was a kid I always thought I had a really small head, I soon realised that no, my head was of normal size, it was just rain jacket hoods that sucked.

There were no such problems with this one, the hood design is almost perfect. Under a heavy downpour my nose managed to stay completely dry while I attended to my tomato plants, with perfect vision.

The elastic sleeve cuffs are also bonus, there’s no messing around with those velcro straps you find on some jackets.  However the internal stuff pockets feel like an unnecessary add on, they’re not so well built and a bit awkward when full.

The adjustable waist and hood hems do keep it snug on your body.

It’s a simple deign, it’s meant to be simple and for that it’s pretty good.

morgan cardiff, outrak packaway rain jacket, gear review, rays outdoors


I’m all about things that last, there is enough stuff in the world, so when I buy something I want it to last for years. This fully-sealed jacket is surprisingly well built for its price point ($70 bucks, even less for member) but look a little closer and some of the seams around the pockets and secret compartments could have been done a bit better.

The adjustable hems around the waist and hood are decently built. I guess the question you need to ask yourself is, How long do you expect a jacket at this price point to last? I’ll leave that one for you!

I’ll have to take its word on the 5000gm/m breathability rating. It was comfortable on a coolish Sydney afternoon, how it goes on a steep hike out of the Blue Mountains on a rainy summer day is another question.


This is where this jacket is a standout, for its price point it’s a great deal.

morgan cardiff, outrak packaway rain jacket, gear review, rays outdoors


While I wouldn’t be relying on the Outrack Packaway Rain Jacket on a multi-day hike or in the depths of winter, it wouldn’t look out of place in your day pack. In the event that the heavens opened temporarily it would keep you dry. It is strictly a rain jacket, with low warmth, or wind-cutting abilities, so keep that in mind. The design is basic, but its well cut, looks pretty good and is built pretty well. For its price point it’s great for anyone looking for a packable option that keeps them dry, without breaking the budget.

Bonus Photos

Our Explorers Nat and Chris also took the Outrack for a spin!

natalie hardbattle, outrak packaway rain jacket, gear review, rays outdoors

Nat liked how the concealed zippers kept out rain and protected the zipper from snags on rough paths.

Chris Paola, outrak, rainjacket, rays outdoors, cuffs

Unlike our reviewer Morgan, Chris didn’t like the elasticated cuffs, but was impressed with how waterproof the jacket was.

Chris Paola, outrak, rainjacket, rays outdoors

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Outrak Rain Jacket
"A surprisingly well-made packable rain jacket at a very affordable price."
Slim Cut
Elastic cuffs
A hood that doesn't make you think you've got a tiny head
Very well-priced
Weird interior pockets
Might not last as long as more expensive jackets