This is one Australian animal not likely to be ticked off your sightings list. But you can see the last of its kind for yourself right here. 


No doubt you know about the Thylacine. The somewhat mythical Aussie creature about the size and build of a large dog, with stripes like a tiger and a pouch like a kangaroo’s! 

Better known as the Tasmanian Tiger, this carnivorous marsupial didn’t only reside in Tassie, oh no. It used to be found all over the Aussie mainland (and even in New Guinea too!), although not for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, this curious creature was declared extinct in 1936 – although there are plenty of people that argue, ‘There’s still gotta be one out there somewhere!’. 

Recently rediscovered film from 1935 is believed to be the last known footage of a live Thylacine. The last of its kind, this Tassie Tiger named Benjamin, is seen in his cage at Hobart’s Beaumaris Zoo as part of a promotional video for Tasmania. 

Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in the wilds of Tassie – who knows what you might see.