Trail running meets fishing in this novel race that invites participants to run for a bit, catch a fish, and share a beer around the campfire afterwards. Is it bonkers? You bet.


The first ever Flyathon event on Australian soil is being held at the Delatite River in Merrijig, Victoria, about 140km northeast of Melbourne CBD on Sunday the 25th of November.

Participants will run 13km in the foothills of Mt Buller, enjoy vibrant montane forests, and wade in the crystal clear Delatite River to raise funds for river conservation.

As you can probably tell, the aim of the trail run isn’t to beat your PB. There aren’t any RFID chips or hydration gels. It’s a 13km course, local beers are included at the finish line, and if you’ve never fished before, there’ll be anglers about to give you some pointers. More questions? Read on.

What exactly is a Flyathon?

Participants, or ‘Flyathletes’, are required to run with their fishing gear and at some point during the race, stop to catch a fish. After taking a photo of their catch against an official event ruler, the fish is released back into the river. No running with fishes required.



The size and species of the flyathlete’s catch is recorded and results in a deduction from their overall event time.

This means a faster runner could be beaten by a slower runner who caught a bigger fish, and vice versa.

What’s the route?

A beautiful 13km, single track along the Delatite River in Victoria’s High Country near Mt Buller. You can run for a bit, walk if you want, and enjoy the surrounds. There are no egos at this event – it’s more about the camaraderie and having fun for a good cause.


Are there prizes?

You betcha. Flyathletes in Merrijig will be in the running for:

  • Biggest fish
  • Smallest fish
  • Overall fly fisher
  • Overall spin fisher
  • Highest fundraiser

While the event seems hella relaxed, it’s being sponsored by some big names including Fractel and Troutlore, with more to be announced.

Catch all the event fine print here.


Future Flyathons!

Interest in this event was HOT and the Merrijig event is fortunately/unfortunately SOLD OUT.

The aim of the Flyathon is to raise money for river conservation in north-eastern Victoria so if you support the idea, consider throwing a donation their way.

If you’ve missed out on this one, event organisers are hoping to turn this into a regular series with future Flyathons in Howqua and Jamieson (both located north-east of Melbourne in Victoria’s High Country).

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Photos thanks to High Country Flyathon