Feel like flying away and escaping it all? Hold on just a few more months and you could be on a one-way flight to Antarctica. 

What’s The Catch?

Antarctica Flights have teamed up with QANTAS to help scratch those itchy feet of yours and send Aussies flying high over the icy tundra and glaciers of Antarctica. 

But what’s the catch, I hear you say? It’s 2020, there’s no such thing as a good news story without a downside this year. 

Too right. See the thing is, you won’t actually be allowed off the flight until it’s landed back where it took off from. Whether it be Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brissie or Melbz. 

The 13 hour flight will take you down to the icy continent, spend four hours taking in the spectacular views of a place most people never get to see for themselves, before making the return journey back Down Under (or would it be Up Above?). 

If seeing Antarctica is on your bucket list, it’s certainly a much quicker and cheaper way of doing it than a cruise. However this trip seems to be the epitome of ‘Look, don’t touch’. Antarctica is the only continent without a case of COVID-19, so fair enough!


What Will the Flight be Like?

There’ll be all the right COVID-safe precautions in place, including a capacity limit, so you can spread your legs out and maybe even recline. 

You won’t have to fight over the window seat but you will be forced to share, with a mid-flight-seat-swap scheduled to give everyone on board ample time to claim they spotted a colony of toe-tapping Emperor Penguins.  

There are 19 different flight paths that can be taken, ensuring max icy views and minimum clouds.

Each flight has an expert Antarctic expeditioner on board to get you psyched and say things like, ‘And on our left you’ll see…’

It’s pretty much a giant sightseeing tour of Antarctica. 


How Much Are We Talking Here?

The downside is the flight will set you back at least $1199. $8000 if you’re feeling really fancy.  

The flights are all carbon-neutral, however a long-haul flight for the fun of it is certainly a bit questionable, especially as it passes over one of the most at-risk and fragile environments in the world. Hmmmm. 

Soaring above untouched wilderness would certainly be an epic experience and a sure-fire cure for those itchy feet, for a few hours at least.

Who knows when you’ll be able to witness such unfamiliar lands next? 


Photos thanks to Antarctica Flights