In 2022, the first of 11 historic huts destroyed by fire in the Snowy Mountains was rebuilt and restored – and now you can watch how it was done!


During the 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires, 11 historic huts within Kosciuszko National Park were destroyed in blazes that swept through the Snowy Mountains, including Round Mountain Hut, Happys Hut, and Delaneys Hut. 

Rest House at Sawyers Hill, AKA Sawyers Hut, was the first of the destroyed huts to be officially rebuilt, thanks to the work of NSW National Parks, Kosciuszko Huts Association, and families and volunteers associated with the huts. 



The folks at Tom’s Outdoors in Tumut captured the rebuild process, chatted to the key people involved in the project, and created a short doco of the whole operation. Check it out!



The rebuilding operation of the destroyed huts is being coordinated by project officer and NPWS Ranger Megan Bowden, while NPWS Builder Roger Rosenboom and Field Officer Peter Dow are making the hard work happen. 

Sawyers Hut has been recreated with greater bushfire protection, including the installation of sprinklers and shutters, and the use of timber treated with fire retardant. However, despite the modern upgrades, traditional woodworking techniques were still used in order to retain the hut’s unique structure and heritage. 

The remaining huts to be rebuilt include:

  • Harveys Hut/Tantangara 
  • Vickerys
  • Delaneys
  • Four Mile 
  • Happys
  • Brooks
  • Bradley/O’Brienns
  • Fifteen Mile/Linesmans
  • Round Mountain

There are still a bunch more huts to rebuild throughout the expansive national park, and volunteers are more than welcome! If you’re interested in volunteering to rebuild these huts, you’ll need to become a member of the Kosciuszko Hut Association and then register your interest with NSW National Parks


Photos supplied by Tom’s Outdoors