The Fight For The Bight campaign is holding a National Day Of Action this Saturday, November 23rd. Join thousands of voice in saying NO to big oil in the Bight. 

It seems a lot of foreign companies desperately want to get their hands on a piece of Australia at the moment. Up north we’ve got Adani relentlessly pushing on with their bid to build the Carmichael Mine, despite enormous community backlash and company after company disassociating with the mining magnate. And down south we’ve got Norweigan oil drilling company, Equinor, wanting to set up shop in the Great Australian Bight. 

Jack’s got all the deets on the Fight For The Bight campaign, but to sum it up, if this venture was to go ahead, the severity of an oil spill would be colossal. The projected affected area expands from Port Macquarie on the east coast, across the entire south coast of the continent, to Margaret River in Western Australia. Big, big yikes. 

This weekend, the Fight For The Bight campaign is about to launch one of its biggest community pushes yet. Saturday November 23rd is the Fight For The Bight National Day of Action, which will see over 50 paddle out protests happening simultaneously on coastlines across the country, from Exmouth, WA to Townsville in QLD. Check out the map to find your closest paddle out!

The National Day Of Action comes as Equinor are forced to resubmit their environmental plan to commence exploratory drilling, for a third time, by November 29. 

Plenty of conservation and environmental advocacy organisations have rallied behind this crucial campaign to make the Great Australian Bight Alliance, including Mirning Traditional Owners,  Patagonia, The Wilderness Society, Surfrider Foundation and Sea Shepherd Australia.

Get on board (literally) and help fight for the Bight this Saturday!

If you can’t make it to a paddle out, make sure your voice is heard by adding your name to the Statement of Concern, help the campaign continue by donating or if you live in Vic or South Australia, join your local group.


Feature photo by Che Chorley courtesy of Patagonia

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