Don’t worry, we’re still taking photos and articles too. But our contributor program has had a makeover.


The writers and photographers behind the Explorer Project have always been what made We Are Explorers possible.

Initially starting way back in 2014, our Founder Henry Brydon put the call out for a bunch of nature lovers to share their stories of microadventures in Australia (and the epic shots they took along the way).

Safe to say, people frothed it, and this slowly morphed into a network of contributors from all over the country (and NZ) who vibed with the WAE mission.

I took the reins a few years later and we began to realise our true goal: to break down the barriers that stop people getting outside and experiencing the power of nature and adventure.

In late 2019, we hit another milestone: The Explorer Project went paid. It’s safe to say we were pretty stoked to finally become a paying publication, even if the timing à-la-covid was particularly spicy.

Explorer Project Version 5

So what’s new? Well, apart from the usual spit and polish, there are a few key updates we’re rolling out. The world’s constantly changing and we’re here to move with it.


We Want Vertical Videos

Make no mistake, vertical vids are here to stay. In fact, over 70% of our readers view our website on their phones. We’re officially keen to share more of your adventures via vertical vids, like Reels and TikToks.

These videos can be paired with photos and an article (we love a trifecta) or standalone clips and edits. Our Social and Community Manager Jack is all over it, despite being caught with a film camera in hand on his days off.


sunset, shot by Kale Munro, Mt Buller and Mt Stirling, Tourism North East, High Country, Victoria, photo, phone, chairlift

Phones upright people! | @kaleonthetrails


We’ve Upped Our Rates

Our rates for organic content (anything we publish with no sponsors involved) have had a welcome boost – one that increases what we’re paying beyond the recent inflation.

Budgets are tricky and content is expensive, but as a B-Corp we’re committed to ensuring that what we pay compares well with similarly sized publications.

We’ve also simplified our payment structure for articles (short, medium, long) and given photography a larger weighting in the fee breakdown. Business.


Calling Diverse Contributors

We’ve made big strides in working with individuals from groups that are underrepresented in the outdoors, but there’s so much more work to do.

We’re actively calling for contributors who are LGBTQIA+, POC, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, living with a disability, or in any other way lacking representation in the outdoor community and its content.



New Templates and Categories

You might have noticed we totally changed up our website categories a few months ago. It’s all part of an ongoing process to make the site more user friendly, and we’ve included a breakdown of these categories in our new Explorer Project booklet.

We’ve also created a bunch of new article templates to help our content become both more useful, and better at being found on Google. Win win.

Get in touch!

There’s never been a better time to join the Explorer Project. If you’re passionate about experiencing nature and you’re handy with Reels, a camera, or a pen (ideally all three!) then we’d love to hear from you.

You’ll join our network of outdoor content creators and open yourself up to opportunities to go on paid trips, work with our brand partners and even review outdoor gear.


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Feature photo by @whereswalle