evee is the first all-electric car sharing platform in Aus and NZ, allowing you to minimise your emissions and save on fuel while you’re away from home.


Ever wanted to try a Tesla, ping a Polestar, or drive one of those wacky Hyundai IONIQs? Aussie company evee (one less E than the Pokémon) is in the business of hooking you up.

Currently evee has over 200 electric cars to choose from and can be found in all of the major cities in Aus and NZ.

Why rent an EV?

Electric vehicle use (evee, geddit?) use is growing in Australia but it’s slow going and we’re lagging behind many comparable companies. The goal of evee is twofold:

  1. Make it more affordable to own an EV by allowing owners to rent the car to other drivers.
  2. Allow more people to test out living with an EV, and eventually buy one themselves.

An average trip with evee saves 13kg of CO2 emissions compared to a petrol car and although EVs have a greater footprint when they’re produced, they break even in about 1.5 years and their positive impact continues to grow. 

evee also got itself carbon neutral-certified, measuring the company’s emissions and purchasing carbon credits that invest in carbon sequestration projects, to remove any doubt.

Plus, think of the fuel savings on a road trip, they add up.


This Company Lets You Rent Electric Cars From Owners, evee, linkby, tesla, road trip

How’s it work?

Instead of buying new EVs, evee connects owners (hosts) with people who want to rent an EV. This lowers the impact compared to traditional rental companies by making use of existing cars.

Simply search for a car and book your dates. Once it’s confirmed, you’ll arrange to meet the host or you can even pay a bit extra to get it delivered. Meeting the host also means you’ll have someone to explain exactly how their electric car works (they’re all a bit different).

Want $75 off?

Course you do! evee is offering $75 off your first rental as long as you spend over $200. The only other catch is you have to do it this year, so get cracking!

Get $75 Off EV Rental


This Company Lets You Rent Electric Cars From Owners, evee, linkby, tesla, road trip, brake light

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