Erchana Murrary-Bartlett has just crossed the finish line of her 150th consecutive marathon in Melbourne tonight, having run 6,330km in 150 days. What a champion!


For the last 150 days, Erchana, AKA @tip_to_toe_2022 has run the length of a marathon every single day, setting a mammoth new world record for the number of marathons run in consecutive days. She smashed the previous world record, 106 marathons, out of the park!

Starting in Cape York back on the 20th of August 2022, Erchana has run 150 marathons down Australia’s East Coast to finish up in Melbourne, raising awareness for at-risk native wildlife and over $105,000 for The Wilderness Society as she went. 

There’s still time to donate to the cause! 

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We chatted with Erchana back in December when she first officially broke the world record after her 107th consecutive marathon.

At the time and with 43 marathons still ahead of her, Erchana was finding it difficult to get out and run again after ticking off such a big milestone. But nothing seems to have broken her stride or her will to keep those legs moving. 

‘My new focus is raising as much money for the Wilderness Society, sharing the story as best I can, and really honing in on the cause rather than the personal goal which I think is gonna drive me home now that that part of it is ticked,’ Erchana said.  

In the week leading up to Erchana’s finish line, she was joined by more and more supporters on her run and crossed the finish line to a massive crowd at the Tan Track (Pillars of Wisdom) in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. 

A huge congrats on your unreal achievement Erchana! Time for a bloody well-deserved rest.